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Hold up the umbrella for the people of "wings" the strong

Umbrella, because the product of love, the same hold an umbrella, rain peers; umbrella, is a misty rain in the southern blooming rose, dressed with the urban and the rural poetic beauty.

"China Umbrella town" Nanyang village street Yanfeng, there is such an umbrella and forged a bond with the villagers, his burning love and physically disabled with a body, for the people through thick and thin propped up an umbrella, distraction of a beautiful sky.

The afternoon of November 9, we entered the Outdoor umbrella door Umbrella Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jun Ye, run into the smiling face on the corporate "head" high should be built.

"Wings" also struggling to fly

Soon as he was seated, waved high should be built, he kept saying his talkative. Interviews will become "engaged in small talk."

The high infant suffering from polio should be built, resulting in left disabled, unable to dry heavy labor. 14 years old, his father died, the family life more difficult. In 1993, the 32-year-old high should be built by a friend to control construction site in Hangzhou, the stem is a few years. 36-year-old married, his cell door in Hangzhou opened a food store, but did not last long, deteriorating store business.

"Life is not a means by open shop, have to fight for a new world of their own." High should be set up factories to build the idea of ​​initiation.

In 2002, Nanyang's umbrella already started.Garden umbrella Several others have been slower than the shot should be built high, determined to give it a go on the umbrella. That year, he founded only five or six workers from a small family workshop, and take the name for their product, but rather the mood - "The Miracle", meaning God for.

Surprisingly, the first year of business suffered a sudden "SARS." 160,000 umbrella are all piled up in warehouses, then the loss of 8 million. But the difficulty did not stop his pursuit of the cause. The next year, he alone came to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places to do market research, home resolutely made a choice: never give up, big business.

Additional investment, recruit, since when the "marketers" to run around outside the province, when the production suddenly increased to 700,000.

9-year veteran, to rely on sincerity and quality to win the trust of customers. Shenzhen, a long-standing customer cooperation under the 10 million  Fold umbrella yuan this year, large orders, products are also exported to South Africa. Output value of enterprises is expected this year than the initial phase of 800,000 yuan more than fivefold, will exceed 30 million yuan.

Big business, the high should be aware of construction, with the cause of keeping with the sentiments, with the appropriate treatment to people, is a steady business development in mind. He introduced a series of seniority wage incentives, employees are organized each year for free travel. Today, Jun Ye Umbrella employees have more than 90 full-time.

"Right now, many SMEs have difficulties, Jun Ye umbrella of the situation?" High should be built, concedes, "money down is not a problem, land resources are too scarce, and no land would be no way to expand the size of the business." He is for declaration of land, the goal is to further develop and expand business.

Fukuzawa lingering for people with disabilities bring

"Disabled factory, of course, to help people with disabilities." High-born persons with disabilities should be built with a kind of sympathy and affection feelings.

September 15, 2006, the government's matchmaking, the high should be built with 27 members was established to participate in the joint processing of Nanyang disabled umbrella agency.

Joint umbrella agency responsible for the processing of the village people with disabilities to provide the necessary materials and accessories, sent home delivery, pick-up umbrella, umbrella technology training for people with disabilities also make Yanfeng Village and surrounding villages realize the dozens of people with disabilities the "stay at home, home employment," the desire.

High should be built to us a little story, the village has a blind, and 70-year-old mother of each other and life is very difficult to persuade the high should be built under the mother and son joined the Associated Press. Then they slowly learned to sew an umbrella, a year there are ten thousand yuan income, life is better than some.

Accompany us up the enterprise party secretary Gao Yanfeng Village water side chimed in: "Associated Press, in addition to timely payment of fees, but also higher than the 3 cents for every able-bodied price subsidies to people with disabilities now the Associated Press disabled members has increased to 83, per capita income exceeded $ 10,000. "

We came to visit the shop floor. Sitting in front of the machine is being umbrella beads, a skilled worker told us that she is in Guizhou who came here to work. "Although my legs can not walk, but still very lucky to find a job, and my heart can not tell the gratitude ..." she spoke, the disabled worker excitedly Kuchu sound.

And we engaged in small talk, to accompany us into the workshop, from beginning to end, laughing should have been hanging in the high-built face. That smile, optimistic attitude toward life dictates accessible, but also the "wings" strong confidence in the future reveal the truth.
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