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Umbrella lamp

86-year-old country doctor Masters Puren, Ladies umbrella silver-haired, hale and hearty, and quick thinking. Every day he read the news, read the newspaper, and concern for the development of Chinese medicine, concerned about Chinese medicine personnel training. Speaking of ethics, HE old tells the story of an umbrella and a lantern.

In ancient times, the old Chinese medicine, full division of the disciples, gave the disciples two gifts - an umbrella and a lantern. Umbrella aimed at education disciples care, rain or shine, no matter what the weather, as long as the patient needs, it is necessary visits; lantern told his disciples, to see a doctor, regardless of the day and night, even in the middle of the night, as long as people seek treatment, doctors must attend scheduled appointments. He said the old, this story tells us that the core of Chinese medical ethics is to relieve pain for the people. A doctor, as long as the heart is filled with patients, care about them, thinking about how to relieve their suffering, will concentrate on studying medicine, excellence, does Fiberglass umbrella not care about personal gains and losses. So he said, is also doing.

Puren the age of 14, thanks to the capital acupuncture doctors cattle Zehua as a teacher, began his acupuncture. Recalled the time following the the cattle Zehua teacher learning, He Old frustrating. He said: "The teacher is very strict, Chinese classics and frequently used books to be lies at the heart." Old society when the disciples to give master mention three pots: teapot flagon, urinal. The Puren what living is all dry, and fetching water, cooking or raw stove, his mouth mutter prayers comes up all day verses. He said, hard by the back of several months, "Treatise on the whole back a year. With the teacher for eight years, Puren only been back home two or three times, he often reading late into the night, put all the energy into learning.
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