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Gas station a the most beautiful scenery

University graduate, companies want to arrange CaiYun to authorities management position working, but he volunteered to go to a line gas station. Six years later, the 80 guy from attendant bottom, when a foreman, measurers through, deputy webmaster, station webmaster, ten thousand tons of standing webmaster, July this year, be in hangzhou, zhejiang province oil branch of a gas station and jurisdiction of the urban district manager.
Think back to six years of the grass-roots work experience, CaiYun said, at the grass-roots level will see different view, obtain different harvest, the Straight umbrella experience and the feeling is a young people are the most precious wealth should treasure.
Passionate dared to challenge, station win big order
In April, 2007, a young man frequently broke into hangzhou heaven umbrella industry general manager office, he will fight for heaven umbrella industry all the vehicles to own gas station on the dot. The man is the head of the creek road station CaiYun.
At first, the President of heaven umbrella industry does not buy it, think that the company's car ran in all parts of the country, there is no need to certain in China petrochemical come on, more not necessary fixed in a gas station. Face the question, CaiYun have a card up one's sleeve. He said the xixi road can not only provide oil gas station, and can according to the customer demand management and financial system, and provide with hosting oil for cars and so on each service. CaiYun use professional knowledge, the information obtained by prophasePromotion umbrella  survey analysis, and provide detailed chart system, let heaven umbrella industry manager was amazing, said he "master of myself clear and accurate than". So, the xixi road station won the heaven umbrella industry hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on fixed amount.
In basic sales practice, CaiYun feel, marketing must not waiting for him, but should the initiative, the integration of resources, highlighting the difference of the China petrochemical advantage. With this spirit is, when the xixi road station oil sales to 17000 tons. CaiYun in describing this experience, said: "as a young workers, after the 80 is the biggest advantage of has innovation consciousness and dare to try passion. Work can't hidebound, must constantly challenge.
Patient understand love, and a dozen employees
In the summer of 2010, CaiYun gas station in the moganshan when adsense. One day, he the station when passing from work bike shed, saw two female employees in whispers, but they found CaiYun, and hurried away. Such strange behavior raised his Printed umbrella CaiYun attention, he quietly launched "investigation" work.
CaiYun repeatedly used the working gap to ask the two side female employees, but all are intentionally branch off topic, can't get the answer. So he and other employees talk, the GuChangLiDuan cuts and understanding to the name out the truth of female employees would not sick children, spend a large family savings, family claims for children no longer contribution treatment, but as a mother of she refused to give up, want to quit RACES work, home to take care of the children.
To understand the situation, CaiYun immediately access to company documents, file an application to the company for the extremely poor fund, for that girl who provide assistance to help. He put the name of the female employees work time to adjust for the day, by an emergency for his generation class. Remove the distractions of female employees use more dedicated attitude to work, was awarded the current year excellent employees.
Facing this experience, CaiYun said: "retain employees, must retain employees of heart." In the six years of grass-roots work, CaiYun has been motivateLadies umbrella yourself to do a patient, understand love of employees. He said, nowadays the lower-level employees wastage rate remains high, gas station with nervous, to retain employees, head of the character and style is the key, and employees to fit in, let them work up some more satisfactory, out of work can feel warm.
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