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Support small micro enterprise minsheng bank in hand all Chinese umbrella

A few days ago, by quanzhou branch silver Custom umbrella prison, China minsheng bank quanzhou branch of the spring "focus on umbrella industry, foster small micro" and the China minsheng bank quanzhou branch umbrella with China in spring. The east stone (xiao village committee under a strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in jinjiang golden hill high school.
It is reported, this activity is quanzhou banking "Square umbrella support small micro enterprises in action" series activity first stop. At a signing ceremony, China minsheng bank quanzhou branch leadership, said minsheng bank to support small and medium small enterprise, "in a month of time, we have the rights to the umbrella industry cluster project amount RMB 100 million, reporting on small and medium-sized micro credit and pen. Before the Fiberglass umbrella end of the year, we will at least 100 million yuan in cash to invest in small and medium-sized enterprise JinNa micro."
Minsheng bank quanzhou branch leaders say, minsheng bank quanzhou branch at present has accumulated to micro enterprise customers on small quanzhou loan nearly 6 billion yuan. The soon to open in spring branch will locate in JinNa area Manual umbrella commercial wholesale characteristic industry, in the next three years, einhell China minsheng bank branch (raise) will actively to apply for the special branch line, with no less than 500 million yuan in the east ShiXiaoWei up credit enterprise development.
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