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Nanyang smoothly through the "Chinese umbrella country" that review

17, China light industry union by China Daily groceries industry association of KaoHeZu here just to send the streets, the "Chinese umbrella country" title reassess assessment. KaoHeZu field survey of nanyang street umbrella industry enterprise, listen to the street and the south parasols industry association about in recent years the south Auto kid umbrella sun system umbrella industry development of the report. KaoHeZu think, south parasols industry in the original basis that made new progress, regional advantages more evident, further enhance the umbrella industry in China's influence. The KaoHeZu research, agreed to the streets of "Chinese Auto open and close fold umbrella  umbrella country" to review the title of that.
According to information, nanyang street since 08 were "Chinese umbrella country" since, focus on the integration of industry resources, formulate Double layers golf umbrella industry norms, make umbrella industry famous brand, improve product quality and added value.
QingYuSan annual capacity of up to 150 million put above, before naming doubled over the yield than nearly doubled. Employees to reach 24000 people, system umbrella and related industrial output value of 5 billion yuan, and produced a famous brand product 9, famous trademark 5, the famous trade name three. In the industry credit evaluation AAA grade Wooden shaft umbrella enterprise of four, the AA level enterprise of 11 home, A level enterprise amounted to 126. The good faith management become the south sun system umbrella industry aware behavior. At present, the south sun system umbrella company has covered the whole country, and its extensions to Asian, European and American more than 20 countries. The international order continued to arrive, nanyang "Chinese umbrella country" with the name of an international reputation.
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